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The clothing that we wear is more than just something that's ours - it's something that someone made for us. There are faces, hands, lives - there is a story - behind everyone's clothing. Sometimes it's a story of exploitation, sometimes it's a story of empowerment. Either way, we can't look at clothes as merely ours anymore. When we look at our clothes, we see faces.

Through our work and our travels in the world, we have come across another type of story. It's the kind of story that should never have been written in the first place. And as we've listened to this type of story told by the people who have lived it, it's changed us. We know the stories of young women who have been trafficked, we know the stories of young women who believe they have no other way but to sell their bodies. 

We wanted to start a business that would bridge these two types of stories: that would produce ethical clothes but that also would be a part of the solution to human trafficking. Our impact might be small in scale -  but we believe changing one life matters, we believe going after even just one is worth it. This is for them. This business is for them. 

We believe in dignity in labor.
We believe in paying living wages.
We believe in clothing ourselves with garments made by empowered individuals.
We believe in an end to sex trafficking as a global industry in our lifetime.

We're not the best, the most talented, or the most qualified. But we know we need to try - that no matter where we are at, we need to keep going.

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