Brand Ambassador


Even when SHEMA was just a dream, we were surrounded by people that believed in us and believed in what SHEMA could be.  They shouted about our lifestyle brand on the rooftops and played an integral part of this story. We could not be where we are now without them.


We invite you to join this movement and sign up to be in our Ambassador program.  We wanted a really cool name for this party….. but couldn’t decide on one we liked.   SHEMA Squad? SHEMA Bunch? SHEMA Unit. SHEMA Band. SHEMA Yoke? SHEMA Toupe? Bonus points if you suggest one we like.

As an official Brand Ambassador: 

-  A personal promo code where you get 15% for lyfeeeeeee.

- A referral code for friends and family. Every time they order using your specialized promo code, you get 5% BACK and they get 10% off.

- If you love adventuring and documenting your experiences, always tag our clothes and you could be featured on our social medical platforms with credit always going to you!


Sounds exciting right? We are. We want to spread our story around. Ethical fashion wins. People win. We win.

Fill out this contact form below and we will be in touch!

Include your name and life story. Just kidding. Please include a short bio! 


Are you a nano or micro influencer? We love collaborating with all different kinds of influencers. Let’s connect and see if it would be a good fit! Please email us at team@shemaapparel.comPlease include your name, handle, and short bio!